Why people leap into bodybuilding


This is a complete personal study about why people have this bent towards body building. It has been a constant effort to keep this study as generalized as possible to save it from becoming a very narrow-minded approach to the subject.

The scope of my study:

This study has been kept as broad as possible by interviewing people from various backgrounds and also making sure that the subject of the study is from different genders, age groups and also from different walks of life.

Therefore, you will find that this one includes both the people who have been serious about body building and have worked their way through it and also those who have had other dreams and aspirations but stumbled upon bodybuilding as an option either career wise or recreational and have never since turned back nor regretted.

But before we proceed!

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The stickler for discipline:

Max, 32, knew what he wanted to be when he finished school. He has been an athlete throughout his school days and was a champ at the local gymnast. He wanted to channelize his energy into sports because he knew that that is where his forte lay. At 19 years, max joined the bodybuilder's local club in his neighborhood and has been training alongside the other greats in the field. he has a body that is the owner's pride and he regularly represents his club and his county at bodybuilding competitions and brings back laurels every time.

When we quizzed him about his perseverance he simply said that there were no two options for them. He was drawn to this sport and his temperament really helped him to work hard enough to be able to shine there. So, point number one taken; one needs to be extremely disciplined. Not to forget to be Patient and persevere as we must remember it is our body that we are talking about here. Excessive training can take a toll on the body not just physically but also mentally and psychologically.

So, has Max ever felt strained?

Max says the except for the initial nervousness just before he goes on the stage, he has never felt any strain. Infact, being in the best physical state helps him to tide over negative thoughts and situations much better than a normal person would successful credit strategy.

The power woman:

Jena, 40, got in to bodybuilding after she joined a gym to get back into shape after her pregnancy.

She says that she felt that power training was her forte after a friend at the gym talked her into an introductory class.

Today Jena also trains women aspirants who want to make a mark in the field of bodybuilding.

So, how many women takers for bodybuilding? We ask her. "As many as you can count on your fingers!" she grins.

The disparity in the numbers was evident even while I was undertaking this research so just say that there is one woman bodybuilder for every ten men bodybuilders.

But Jena affirms that the women who pump weights are extremely serious about their work and passionate about the art.

There is no giving up this once someone takes this up as their career choice.

People who seek camaraderie:

Then there were the subjects of my study who were training together because they were friends and because they wanted to be part of a community. They were looking to make friends and they realized that they could socialize with people who were alike in their thoughts and choice of recreation.

As a rebellion:

Then there was Smith (name changed) who worked out at the gym because he was abused as a child. It was his way of channelizing his energies into making himself strong and big and he always thought about it when he was abused as a child that he would grow up to be so strong one day that he would overpower all the people who took him for granted.
Smith came across as a tough guy initially but little probing about him proved his softer side. He is associated with the local juvenile and correctional schools where he trains young juveniles to channelize their negative energies into sports and helps them to turn around by boosting their morale and pump them with confidence!